QA Staff Augmentation

QA Staff Augmentation


Staff augmentation is a strategy for diminishing costs and filling skills gaps in an organization. The term is associated with companies that seek to collaborate with top-level professionals on individual projects rather than hiring full-time employees.

How does it work?

IT staff augmentation firms search for qualified technical resources who are interested in working on short-or long-term projects. The vendors engage these professionals directly, meaning that your company can cut on extra costs and the liability of hiring new full-time employees. Remote collaborators hired through a staff augmentation company are usually working on one project at a time. They are being managed by the client they work with.

The benefits of staff augmentation

Recruiting talented technical candidates might be a tough and time-consuming process. The staff augmentation approach allows you to connect with technical professionals from all over the world. The vendors pre-select the right candidates for you based on your specific requirements. Other benefits for your company include:

Reduces time-to-hire

Staff augmentation companies maintain databases of skilled tech workers, making it easier to match you with the right candidates. Furthermore, staff augmentation firms are in contact with talented passive candidates (who`re currently employed or not seeking long-term opportunities). The latter might be interested in working on individual projects.

Diminishes employment expenses

Hiring full-time IT professionals involves various additional expenses like bonuses, insurance, and social benefits. Also, you should add the infrastructure investment into the calculation. Equipment, subscriptions, software licenses, and other office facilities can be a costly investment. Staff augmentation can help you get the work done without spending too much on infrastructure and employment benefits.